Date: 6th November 2000

Rosie Draws Line in Sand

Rosie O'Donnell told Warner Bros. TV execs that she would not renew her contract if they persisted in efforts to remove a four-minute segment of her talk show featuring Barbra Streisand making a pitch for Al Gore at a fund-raiser. Reuters reported Sunday that, as a result, the syndicator backed down and will permit the segment to air today (Monday). Interviewed on C-SPAN, Streisand commented, "Rosie's a very brave girl, because she's bucking Warner Bros. to do that." According to the Reuter's article, Streisand was upset that 20/20 had edited her pro-Gore remarks on Friday night's telecast. "She did the interview with Barbara Walters because of their long-standing friendship and on the condition that she run the speech," a spokesman for Streisand said.

Source: Studio Briefing