Date: 9th November 2000

Will Smith Wants Everyone To Leave Whitney Alone

WILL SMITH is hoping his friend WHITNEY HOUSTON manages to recover from her personal problems - but she won't do it unless she can "get some space".

The WILD WILD WEST actor, who had been slated to star alongside Whitney in the love story DIVA, has put the film on film on hold so the troubled singer can work through her alleged drug problem - but he hopes to reignite the deal once he has finished his current role as MUHAMMAD ALI.

Will says, "I just always wish that people would just leave folks alone, and let people deal with their lives. "There are obviously some things that she is struggling with in her life right now, and it's like, just leave her alone, you know? Let her have a minute." (MB/WNWC/NFA)

Source: WENN