Date: 9th November 2000

Valentiness Day Massacre

The makers of HANNIBAL are playing a cruel joke on lovers everywhere - by releasing the ANTHONY HOPKINS murder-fest on Valentines Day weekend (FEB00).

The third movie from THOMAS HARRIS' serial killer trilogy finished filming last month (OCT00), after seventeen weeks shooting in Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, California. But UNIVERSAL STUDIOS have announced the most romantic weekend of next year to release their gruesome RIDLEY SCOTT-directed movie, on 16 February (01) - the Friday nearest to Valentine's Day.

ANTHONY HOPKINS, who won an Oscar for SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, once again plays HANNIBAL LECTOR - but JODIE FOSTER's character CLARANCE STARLING is this time played by JULIANNE MOORE. Producer, DINO DE LAURENTIIS, reckons Moore is "more physically right for the character in the book ten years later" than Foster. He also claims that Hannibal will be far scarier than The Silence Of The Lambs, describing it as "full of emotion, intriguing, unusual and original". His daughter and colleague, MARTHA, agrees, adding, "There's mystery, it's gruesome, it's incredible, it's chilling - just Anthony with the voice - you'll see."

Gangster AL "SCARFACE" CAPONE also chose Valentine's Day as a day to remember. In 1929, he rounded up seven of his mobster enemies and gunned them all down. (SWH/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN



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