Date: 10th November 2000

Sean Connery Leads Celeb Virginity Pack

The star's have been revealing when they lost their virginity - with SEAN CONNERY leading the pack by first having sex aged eight.

The former JAMES BOND proved irresistible to the ladies even from an early age, whereas singer CHER waited until she was 14, MICHAEL CAINE was 15 and SPICE GIRL MEL C a mature 16.

Connery says of his encounter, "I was eight - I can't really remember how it happened or with whom - I only know I did!"

Sex symbol MADONNA was also a relatively early starter - thoroughly enjoying her first time. She reveals, "I was 15 and he was called RUSSELL. I was really curious and wasn't disappointed. "But the idea that the first guy I slept with was married with kids really breaks me up." (CPT/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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