Date: 13th November 2000

Howard Becomes The Grinch To Cheer Up Carrey

Movie maker RON HOWARD was so keen to cheer a downbeat JIM CARREY up on the set of HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS, he spent three hours in the make-up chair - to look just like him.

Carrey had to endure having green fur stuck all over his body every day and told Howard the Grinch suit was making him mad and claustrophobic. So Howard decided to try the outfit for himself.

He says, "I decided to dress up as the Grinch. I showed up at 3.30am and put the make up on, and at 7am when Jim showed up I wandered in to the trailer and he gave me the dirtiest look. "For a minute I thought I'd really upset him and eventually he realised it was me and said, 'God, I just thought you were a really cr**py double.'"


Source: WENN



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