Date: 14th November 2000

Schumacher's Sexuality Silence

Director JOEL SCHUMACHER is refusing to answer allegations that he is gay.

The BATMAN FOREVER film-maker insists he is not avoiding the subject - he just doesn't like being labelled. He says, "I don't not like talking about it, I just don't believe it matters. This is how I feel. I've lived my life very openly. I started drinking at nine. I started doing drugs in my teens. I started smoking at 10 and I started having sex at 11. "So I'm not hiding anything. But I am totally and completely against labels. As long as we make a point of saying 'black female judge' or 'gay actor' then we promote and foster the erroneous concept that the norm is the Caucasian, heterosexual, Protestant male, which are terms you never see next to anyone's name." (ALS/WNBGU/RGS)

Source: WENN