Date: 15th November 2000

Harry Potters About In London Zoo

Stars of the new HARRY POTTER movie have been getting to grips with some of the world's deadliest creatures at London Zoo.

Cast and crew of the eagerly awaited adventure film are shooting scenes on location in the famous zoo's LIZARD HOUSE.

The best-selling J.K.ROWLING children's books feature dragons and other mythical beings - and producers were eager to use real life animals to double for the winged serpents. An insider reveals, "Harry Potter is going to be the biggest movie of next year and they don't want to overdo it with special effects and computer generated imagery. "You can bet that you will see some of the snakes and lizards from London Zoo used cleverly in the finished film next November (01). A kimodo dragon would be a perfect stand-in for the real thing!"

The big screen adaptation of Harry Potter is set to star ALAN RICKMAN, JOHN CLEESE and ROBBIE COLTRANE. London Zoo is the second major location to be used by WARNERS for the Harry Potter film. Gloucester Cathedral doubles for the mythical HOGWARTS magic school depicted in the books. (NB/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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