Date: 14th November 2000

Episode II Hoax?

Internet movie portal IFilm is publishing what is purported to be a letter from an executive of 20th Century Fox to an executive of Lucasfilm, expressing concern that Star Wars: Episode II may contain too much adult material and may be "treading into PG-13 territory, or, even more troubling, R."

The letter:,1699,8780,00.html
then goes on to describe so many over-the-top scenes that its authenticity would appear dubious at best.

For example, it refers to a love scene between the Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman characters "on Naboo after the space-bike race." The scene, the Fox exec says, "seems to play too rough, especially for younger viewers who may still be coming to terms with this suddenly grown-up version of young Anakin. ('Oh, that I could drive myself into you, not to satisfy myself, but to satisfy you.')"

The letter goes on to note that another Fox exec "is an ardent Jar Jar booster and has some cogent thoughts on his assassination sequence that he would be more than willing to share."

IFilm recently presented a short film spoof on its site called Jar Jar Binks: The E! True Hollywood Story.

Source: Studio Briefing



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