Date: 21st February 2023

Orlando Bloom Eager to Return as Will Turner for Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom has revealed that he is looking to make his return as Will Turner in the swashbuckling adventure franchise's upcoming sixth film.

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise has been one of the most overwhelmingly popular and successful in the film industry since the first movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl premiered back in 2003.

Along with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley who played Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner's love who also eventually becomes a pirate lord herself, the trio turned the swashbuckling pirate adventure series into a global cinematic phenomenon. With the sixth film of the franchise now finally on the horizon, fans everywhere are wondering anxiously who may return for the latest installment.

While doing the press circuit for the latest season of the fantasy drama series Carnival Row, when asked about any notable roles of his that he'd like to return to, Bloom wasn't shy whatsoever about wanting to pull up his bootstraps once more as Will Turner.

"Oh gosh, you know, I did get to go back and play Legolas in The Hobbit, which was 10 years later. I was like, 'This is a lot of fun!' Because he's such a great space to be in, and I think Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean, I mean Will's so great. I wouldn't mind seeing what Will looked like today in some ways, because he was such this earnest guy, but after rumbling around the bottom of the ocean for as long as he would have done at this point, it'd be interesting to see how he surfaces and what he's like."

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