Date: 11th April 2023

Timothée Chalamet Will Be Singing In Bob Dylan Biopic, Confirms Director.

Actor Timothée Chalamet is ready to play Bob Dylan on the big screen and he will be doing his own singing said Director James Mangold.

Details of the film are still scarce, but it appears the movie will be based on the book "Dylan Goes Electric!" by Elijah Wald. It will follow Dylan throughout the '60s and feature his interactions with Joan Baez and Pete Seeger, among other musicians of the time. Dylan's manager Jeff Rosen is set to produce.

Director James Mangold was asked if the 'Bones and All' actor would sing and he answered: "Of course!".

The ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ director talked about the moment in time the film will take place, which he expects to start filming in August.

"It's such an amazing time in American culture and the story of Bob – a young 19-year-old Bob Dylan coming to New York with like two dollars in his pocket and becoming a worldwide sensation within three years," he told the publication.

Mangold added: "It's such an interesting true story at about such an interesting moment in the American scene, different characters from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, to Pete Seeger to Joan Baez, all have a role to play in this movie."

It was back in January 2020 when Searchlight confirmed the Bob Dylan biopic with Mangold and Chalamet attached. At the time of the announcement, it wasn’t known if Chalamet would sing Dylan’s songs but it was known that he had started taking guitar lessons in preparation for the role.

Source: Press Release