Date: 11th May 2023

Justin Theroux Joins Michael Keaton In 'Beetlejuice' Sequel At Warner Bros.

Justin Theroux is latest new addition to the ensemble of Warner Bros’ Beetlejuice sequel that has Tim Burton directing.

Justin will be joined in the movie, which will be directed by Tim Burton, by original star Michael Keaton as the titular ghost, and Winona Ryder is also reprising her role as Lydia Deetz from the first film, with Jenna Ortega set to play Ryder’s daughter.

The original cult classic made $75 million and told the story of a couple of ghosts who enlist a spirit named Beetlejuice to help them rid their home of its new inhabitants.

Not much is known about the sequel except that the titular ghost will return to cause more antics. Details about who Theroux is playing are also under wraps. Warner Bros just dated the pic for September 6, 2024, with production set to start Wednesday in the UK.

Although plot details for the sequel are being kept under wraps, composer Danny Elfman - who will reunite with longterm collaborator Tim on the movie - recently teased Michael won't "look that much different", despite so many years having gone by between films.

He told Deadline someone sounded surprised when they recently asked him about the 71-year-old actor returning to the character.

He explained: "I said, ‘He’s not even going to look that much different. That’s the beauty of the Beetlejuice make-up. He already looked like he was 150 in the first one.'"

"It’s perfect, you know? Everybody else has to play the next generation, except for Michael. I mean, he’s still like really fit and really active and really on it."

"And with the Beetlejuice make-up, I can’t even imagine it’s going to look like he’s changed practically at all. So, I can’t wait for that."

Source: Press Release