Date: 18th November 2000

Bacall: Kirk Douglas Tried To Take My Virginity

As a spunky 15-year-old, LAUREN BACALL dated legendary actor KIRK DOUGLAS - and he tried to take her virginity. Bacall, now 76, and Douglas, 84, crossed paths a few times over the decades, and they worked together in the 1999 movie, DIAMONDS.

But when they were just teenagers, Bacall made sure Douglas didn't get his wicked way with her. She says, "Kirk wanted me to have a real relationship with me and I was totally against that. Not only was I a young teenager, but I was a respectable Jewish girl. "I believed you had to be a virgin when you got married. At the time, sex frightened me. I was just a kid after all. I wasn't ready for an affair - not even with Kirk Douglas."


Source: WENN