Date: 4th April 2024

Julia Garner Playing The Silver Surfer For Marvel's New Fantastic Four.

The Emmy-winning actress Julia Garner has joined the cast of Marvel's upcoming Fantastic Four movie. The 30-year-old actress will play Shalla-Bal, a version of the classic comics character the Silver Surfer.

She will star alongside Pedro Pascal as Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman), Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Ben Grimm (aka the Thing).

"WandaVision" and "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" producer Matt Shakman is directing Marvel's "Fantastic Four" reboot that aims to shoot at Pinewood Studios in London this Summer ahead of a May 2025 release.

In Marvel Comics' main continuity, Shalla-Bal is the main love interest of Norrin Radd aka the Silver Surfer. For a while, the pair repeated a cycle of wanting to be together, but being torn apart due to circumstances or Norrin's dedication to his work. Later, Shalla-Bal becomes the Keeper of the Great Truth, making it her mission to enforce her planet's culture on others across the galaxy. This brings her into conflict with the Silver Surfer and some of Earth's other heroes.

Source: Press Release