Date: 9th April 2024

Jeremy Allen White set to portray Bruce Springsteen in 'Deliver Me From Nowhere'.

Jeremy Allen White secures role as Bruce Springsteen in Upcoming Biopic 'Deliver Me From Nowhere'.

The Golden Globe winner, 33, is officially set to play Bruce Springsteen after 20th Century Studios closed a deal to finance and release the upcoming biopic 'Deliver Me From Nowhere'.

Deliver Me From Nowhere will be based on Warren Zanes’ 2023 book of the same name, and both Springsteen and his manager Jon Landau will be involved in the making of the film.

Scott Cooper is set to write and direct Deliver Me From Nowhere. The project will find the filmmaker returning to a story about a musician for the first time since his celebrated 2009 debut, Crazy Heart, in which Jeff Bridges played a floundering former country star looking to turn his life back around.

"Nebraska", the follow-up to Springsteen’s hugely successful album "The River", was widely expected to be a rock album with the E Street Band. Instead, it was a stark solo album made on a 4-track recorder. The book and the film tell the story of Springsteen’s artistic journey in the creation of the record, which is regarded as a watershed in his musical odyssey.

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