Date: 22nd November 2000

Sam Hates Rainy England

Actor SAMUEL L JACKSON is having a miserable time of it in Liverpool, England, filming 51ST STATE - because he hates the rain and the food.

The actor has been making the most of days off and "cheap" flights and ferry fares to get out of Britain.

He says, "We started filming on the first day of September (00) and it rained. It hasn't stopped and it isn't drizzle - it's rain. I can understand why people there get depressed. The food's kinda bad too. "But I get two or three days off and I take the ferry across the Mersey to Dublin and play some golf. And we're planning to go to Scotland. "There's these 30 ($45) flights to Madrid too - so you can leave the rain and go to the sun and good food." (KL/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN