Date: 22nd November 2000

Sarandon's Thanksgiving Treat

Movie star SUSAN SARANDON jumps at the chance to cook up a treat for Thanksgiving dinner - because she's finally found people who appreciate her efforts.

The THELMA & LOUISE star will be cooking for 10 this year (23NOV00), including her sister, partner TIM ROBBINS and their kids, and she's thrilled about the prospect of spending the day in the kitchen.

She says, "It's a very straight crowd. There used to be a time in my life which was very frustrating, because I'd be straight and there would be people who would be indulging in certain drugs which would dull their appetite and I'd get everything ready and no one would eat it. "Then suddenly they'd change into some other mode and be ravenous for dessert and I wouldn't have that ready. "Now that I'm hanging out with a more staid crowd, it's fun. I don't cook anything that has to change. A turkey just stays there." (KL/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN