Date: 23rd November 2000

Liu Feels Pressure Of Being Asian Hollywood Star

Actress LUCY LIU is feeling the pressure of being one of the only Asian actresses in Hollywood - and is praying the situation will change soon.

Liu is hoping her new movie CHARLIE'S ANGELS will become a revolutionary work, and will encourage casting directors to place Asian actresses in more prominent roles. She says, "Hollywood has always had a problem with ethnicity, unless it is mixed in with stereotypes, so it is interesting and amazing that I was cast as one of Charlie's Angels.

I think the film will do more than we will ever know to change the way Hollywood regards women and ethnicity in movies, and will change the way minorities are viewed in American culture. "It is hard sometimes to be put on that pedestal, but at the same time, you take responsibility and embrace the challenge and go forward with it." (CB/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN