Date: 25th November 2000

Crowe Embarrassed By Movie Injury

RUSSELL CROWE is desperately trying to overcome his embarrassment at wrecking JODIE FOSTER's new movie by pulling his shoulder out of joint.

The New Zealand actor was training to play a circus performer in FLORA PLUM when an old shoulder injury put him in hospital.

He says, "I was learning this thing called the Spanish Fly. It consists of two pieces of material hanging from the ceiling and you climb up them like a rope and knot them around your ankles and fall backward. "I tore the laborum tissue off the bone inside my shoulder, five meters above the ground with no safety ropes. "I had to very slowly get myself back down to the ground and tell the trainers, `Excuse me, I'm going to hospital.' I was in a massive amount of pain. There's no words to describe how embarrassed, humiliated, bereft I feel. They've shut the production down. How do you apologise for that?"


Source: WENN