Date: 25th November 2000

Ex-Lover Haunts Cruz

MATT DAMON and NICOLAS CAGE are set for heartache - PENELOPE CRUZ may have already found her one true love.

The Spanish stunner has been romantically linked with both her recent co-stars - but she could still be interested in her former beau, cult director PEDRO ALMODOVAR.

She says, "It's impossible to define exactly what kind of person I like. "It's only happened two or three times in my life, but I've felt things for completely different kinds of people. What's important is just finding that connection with someone - I don't know, maybe from before."

And she can't decide whether her former relationship with director Almodovar is actually destiny. She teases, "
I know for some people it must sound like I'm crazy, but I completely believe in it. "I would be at the theatre, think about him, and then pass him on the street - that happened three or four times before I knew him. "Two days ago, I picked up the telephone to call him. I had to do something else, so I hung up and decided to call later. I came back and there was a message from him - those things always happen."


Source: WENN



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