Date: 25th November 2000

King's Recovery Helped By Work

Cult author STEPHEN KING's recovery from a plane accident a year ago (99) is being helped along by his workaholism.

The MISERY writer currently has 14 book, music and movie projects in the works - and doctors have said the work is doing him good.

He says, "My doctor says, `Do as much as you can do and then do a little bit more.' I'm not feeling as good as I'd like to but I'm working. "I still have to have some surgery on my leg but a lot of strength is back. There's a certain amount of pain involved on a daily basis."

King admits the pain is a good thing - because it's good to feel after years of drinking and drug-taking made his life a cloudy mess. He adds, "
I don't have any clear memory of what I was doing for several years. I wrote two or three books and worked on some films and I only have a cloudy memory of that. "I was doping and drinking on a daily basis. For reasons of family and survival I'm glad I cleaned up."


Source: WENN



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