Date: 27th November 2000

Harrison's Night Out With Strippers

HARRISON FORD pretended to be a meat packer called TOM for a wild night out with strippers - just a week (06NOV00) after announcing he had split from wife MELISSA MATHISON.

The STAR WARS actor felt sure he wouldn't be recognised by strippers at PLEASURES, a Wichita, Kansas, America, club - but waitress MELYSSA LIBERTY couldn't be fooled.

The 25-year-old says, "I knew it was him but it was still a shock. A lot of the girls didn't believe it was really Harrison Ford and he wouldn't let on if they asked. "He ordered a vodka and his friend had Dewars. They were both low-key - but they were here to party. I served Harrison six or seven drinks in just and hour. "We never get celebrities in Wichita - this was a big deal. He told everyone he was 'Tom the meat processor."

Stripper MERCEDES, who spent hours siting with Ford and his pal in their booth, adds, "He was a real nice guy." The stripper and a friend then escorted the two guys to another strip club, before returning for last orders at Pleasures. Liberty adds, "He made it very clear that he was very much available now that he's officially separated. Harrison was definitely on the prowl."


Source: WENN



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