Date: 27th November 2000

Angels Are just Too Pricey

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS girls may in for a shock when sequel time rolls around - they cost too much to be used again.

CAMERON DIAZ, LUCY LIU and DREW BARRYMORE have helped turn the remake of the 70s TV show into a runaway smash hit - and COLUMBIA head AMY PASCAL has said she definitely wants the trio to team up again.

But Hollywood insiders claim Columbia execs are nervous about bringing the three stars in for ANGELS II - and are considering three new stars who would surely cost a lot less.

The $92 million (55.2 million) budget for the first film included the $9 million (5.4 million) Barrymore received to star and produce, and Diaz' $12 million (7.2 million) salary. Showbiz bible ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY predicted Diaz's salary could go to $20 million (12 million) for a sequel. Liu received only $1 million (660,000), but would probably ask for more.

The alternate plan allegedly involves different actresses for each successive sequel, a move that would relegate Barrymore, Diaz and Liu to the "classic Angels" category now occupied by FARRAH FAWCETT, JACLYN SMITH and KATE JACKSON.


Source: WENN



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