Date: 1st December 2000

Cate Blanchett Lives On The Edge

Actress CATE BLANCHETT loves her job - but she hates how people perceive it.

The stunning Australian, who shot to fame as the lead in the critically-acclaimed ELIZABETH opposite JOSEPH FIENNES, resents the way people misuderstand her because she wants to succeed as an actress.

She says, "People always treat me like I'm being coy or untruthful if I say there's no grand plan, that acting is just an interesting thing that I found myself doing. It's not an end point. "Ambition is such a dirty word. When people ask about it, what they really want is an admission of ruthlessness. I don't think I am ruthless. Or greedy. "I'm hungry but I don't know if I'm greedy. I'm in an environemnt that tempts the greedy, and like anybody, of course I'm not a saint. "But you have to be honest about those flaws, you have to remain open to failure. I don't live in a particularly sage way. Of course I don't stand in the middle of the road, but I'm not frightened of pain. "I don't want to be in a situation where I'm acting like a studio executive."


Source: WENN