Date: 3rd December 2000

Jeremy Irons' Unsuccessful Hunting

JEREMY IRONS insists animals rights activists needn't worry about his regular fox hunt - because it's the most unsuccessful, run by a bunch of drunks.

The British actor rides in an Irish hunt and admits he's normally nursing a hangover - and they haven't caught a fox in 45 years.

He says, "We hunt on a Sunday, after we've had a busy Saturday night and you have to catch the horse first, then groom it and the horse is normally wet and you get covered in hay and mud. "Then we have another drink to stiffen our nerves on a cold, wet morning and then we set off. We have 11 hounds, who run off in all directions when they get the scent of a fox and we have to find them. That's it. "I asked the master, 'When was the last time you caught a fox?' and he said, 'We don't actually want a dead fox, we want one that will run. I've been master for 45 years and we haven't caught a fox in living memory."


Source: WENN