Date: 3rd December 2000

Billy Connolly Loves Election Chaos

Funnyman BILLY CONNOLLY is loving the American election chaos - because it's funnier than any of his routines.

The MRS BROWN star is working on a stand-up comedy routine about the election confusion and thinks AL GORE and GEORGE W BUSH are hilarious.

He says, "It's immensely enjoyable. Europe's bewildered by the whole thing, because our elections are so definite. When you vote in Britain, you get 50 candidates and you can invent a party. "In America, it's like Gore won't go away. Bush is like the president, but not really. Gore keeps jumping in there and saying, 'No, I'm the guy.' "He's like the kid who's told by the other kids, 'You're not to play with us,' and he's like, 'Yes I am,' 'But we'll beat you up," "I don't care."


Source: WENN