Date: 2nd December 2000

Carson: I Want To Be Like Ally

Busty ALLY MCBEAL actress LISA NICOLE CARSON wants a breast reduction operation - to look more like skinny star CALISTA FLOCKHART.

The 38DD beauty - who plays Ally's roommate RENE - is desperate to become rake-thin because she believes it's the only look which appeals to producer DAVID E KELLEY.

Lisa, 31 believes losing her curves will give her more chance of influential Kelley casting her in a spin-off show. A close friend says, "Lisa told me: 'Look at the women David likes. From Calista Flockhart to LARA FLYNN BOYLE on THE PRACTICE, even his own wife MICHELLE PFEIFFER. 'They were all thin when he met them but got even skinnier after he took them under his wing.' "While Lisa knows her boobs got her where she is, now she feels they've got to be smaller if she wants to move ahead. She's become so paranoid about her bosom that she now hates men looking at her chest. "She complains, 'I can't remember the last time a guy looked me in the eye.'"

Since joining the hit show the former drug and booze addict has adopted a strict healthy eating and exercise regime, like Flockhart and de Rossi. She hoped it would make her breasts smaller but it has had little effect. She's now talking to surgeons about the op.


Source: WENN