Date: 4th December 2000

Jurassic Park 3 Set Goes Live On The Net

Film fans eagerly awaiting the release of the third part of the Jurassic Park trilogy will get their first chance to see some of the dinosaurs in the film tonight, and ask questions to animatronics master Stan Winston.

At 20:00 ET / 01:00 GMT, Winston (animatronics/live-action dinosaurs) will host a 30 minute tour on the set of Jurassic Park 3. He will also be revealing one of his latest creations for the film, the Spinosaurus.


At 20:30 ET / 01:30 GMT, AOL will host a live chat with Stan Winston, exclusive to owners of the Jurassic Park or Lost World DVDs. Access is provided via the DVD-ROM link.


JURASSIC PARK 3 is directed by JOE JOHNSTON (Jumanji, October Sky, The Rocketeer) and stars SAM NEILL, WILLIAM H MACY and TEA LEONI. It is due to be released next summer (01).




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