Date: 5th December 2000

Liu Bullied For not Looking Like Barbie

Sexy actress LUCY LIU was bullied at school - because she didn't look like a BARBIE doll.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star confesses she was a "tomboy" as a youngster - and admits her short, black hair meant she stood out from the crowd. She says, "As a kid I was skinny with a bad haircut. I didn't have the blonde, flipped hair or the curves.

My mother used to cut my hair really short - I think she used a tea saucer, not a bowl! That's probably why I wear it so long today. "When I was little I was picked on. The popular girls were all blonde - and I was as opposite to Barbie as you could get!" (CPT/NE/KW)

Source: WENN