Date: 8th December 2000

Rob Lowe Offered To Help Downey JR

ROB LOWE was so determined to make sure his pal ROBERT DOWNEY JR had company over the Thanksgiving (23-26NOV00) weekend he invited him to spend the holiday with his family - but was turned down.

Actor Lowe has been supporting the troubled actor since his release from jail in August (00). Downey Jr was incarcerated last year (99) for violating his parole on drug abuse charges. Lowe, who himself has struggled with drink and drugs in the past, says, "From talking to him, it seemed he was doing the legwork and trying to stay sober. "He said that he admired what I had been able to accomplish, and he said he really wanted to be able to lean on me."

Lowe admits he feared the worst when his pal declined his offer to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with him in Santa Barbara, California. He adds, "
When you're new in sobriety, you really have to take care of yourself on holidays and he didn't. "The saddest part of this is what it will do to the relationship between Robert and his son. Kids are really resilient and there's a lot of years to figure out the relationship, but this certainly can't help."


Source: WENN