Date: 8th December 2000

Bill Murray Makes A Fuss Over Charlie's Angels Posters

Hundreds of adverts for CHARLIE'S ANGELS, featuring BILL MURRAY, have been pulled down - following complaints from the actor.

According to website INSIDE.COM, Murray objected to posters for the film that showed him alone, instead of the three Angels with him. Murray reportedly set certain conditions on the use of his image to promote the film because, as BOSLEY, he only has a small part.

Murray is said to be blaming one of his assistants for not getting his approval. But it means hundreds of posters for the film have had to be removed. It's not the first time there have been problems concerning Murray. The film was dogged by speculation about problems between him and LUCY LIU.

A source at SONY says, "He sought out the most vulnerable element and went after her. "He was so much trouble that I don't think anyone's excited about having him back for a sequel."


Source: WENN



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