Date: 10th December 2000

Ellen Degeneres Dumped By New Love

Friends of lesbian comic ELLEN DEGENERES fear she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown after splitting with her new girlfriend ALEXANDRA HEDISON.

The star, who recently went through a traumatic break-up with ANNE HECHE, her lover of over three years, started dating Hedison barely a month after the split - and friends believe the trauma of losing Heche put an intolerable strain on the new relationship. One pal says, "All Ellen would talk about was Anne, and everywhere they went, people asked about Anne and what Ellen thinks of Anne's new boyfriend. "Alexandra told Ellen it was like being under a magnifying glass and she finally said she couldn't take it anymore and they'd be better off just being friends."

Now Degeneres has turned to her mum BETTY, who is staying with her daughter to help her through her troubles. Another pal adds, "
Ellen's mum is the only thing holding her back from a complete breakdown. "Ellen's been so miserable. She broke down and sobbed to her mum,`Will anyone love me again?'". (LE/TG/NFA)

Source: WENN