Date: 11th December 2000

Indiana Jones 4 Takes Shape

SEAN CONNERY, KEVIN COSTNER and former JAMES BOND girl MICHELLE YEOH are all set for leading roles in the fourth instalment of the INDIANA JONES/RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC series.

Connery, who played HARRISON FORD's father in the third movie, is delighted to be returning, claiming the experience was "one of the happier movies I've made". But Costner is still coy about reports he will be playing Jones' brother in the fourth film - despite sources stating he has already been approached. Costner says, "I've been hearing this for three of four years."

Meanwhile, Yeoh is thrilled her name is in the running. She says, "When STEVEN (SPIELBERG) and GEORGE (LUCAS) get together I'd like to think my name is in there." Indiana Jones creator Spielberg has reportedly asked THE SIXTH SENSE writer and director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN to pen a script for the fourth film, and he's unsure that this will be the final outing for the action-loving archaeologist.

Spielberg says, "My kids are always saying, 'Go back and make the Raiders movies. You can make the other films for mum but make the Raiders movies for us.'" (KL/WNV/RGS)

Source: WENN



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