Date: 12th December 2000

Madonna Invites Wise Men To Baptism

MADONNA has invited 25 elders of the CHURCH OF SCOTLAND to the baptism of her son ROCCO - to avoid a loophole that bans private religious ceremonies in Scotland.

The elders of the DORNOCH CATHEDRAL KIRK SESSION will be joining celebrities, including VINNIE JONES and STING, at the beautiful cathedral on 21 December (00). Their presence will allow the queen of pop to bar the general public - and more importantly the media - from the ceremony.

The REVEREND SUSAN BROWN, who is to marry Madonna and film director GUY RITCHIE in nearby Skibo Castle the following day, says, "I don't do private baptisms, but in these circumstances, policing that kind of event would have been impossible. So as a compromise, there will be members of the Kirk Session there to represent the wider church." (NFA/WNWC3W/CPT)

Source: WENN



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