Date: 14th December 2000

Sandra Bullock Sows Her Wild Oats

Despite reaching the age of 26 and still being a spinster sexy actress SANDRA BULLOCK thinks she's been "very lucky in love".

The ex-girlfriend of actor MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY says, "I'm sowing my oats...I don't want to get divorced six times. I want to do it get married once. "I have always been so scared of marriage. And people have always been trying to marry me off. It's sweet, but I haven't been a good enough lover yet."

Bullock says that all her girlfriends tell her JULIA ROBERTS's boyfriend, BENJAMIN BRATT, is "
the ultimate husband specimen. "So much of what makes him so attractive is not just his sex appeal. Benji just really loves women. He's a throwback to Cary Grant, but he's also Latino. And what can I say? I love Latin men." (PDD/WNWDN)

Source: WENN



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