Date: 16th December 2000

Hollywood Knocks On Prince's Door

Hollywood is knocking on the door of Royal hunk PRINCE WILLIAM - producers want him to star in a re-make of THE BLUE LAGOON.

The original film starring BROOKE SHIELDS centred on the tale of a romance between a girl and a boy who are marooned on a desert island - and BRITNEY SPEARS is the favourite for the Shield's role. Hollywood producer WAYNE DARWIN says, "William would be great. He has movie star looks and he'd be the crown jewel in any Hollywood production. "As far as leading men, William would be bigger than BRAD PITT, even bigger than CARY GRANT in his day." Darwin continues, "I know of two producers who are developing projects with him in mind. One involves telling the story of his late mother through William's eyes."

Another source adds, "
Blue Lagoon is one of the favourite options. The script outline has him starring with Britney Spears."


Source: WENN



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