Date: 16th December 2000

Harrison's Lovebite

INDIANA JONES star HARRISON FORD has been spotted with a lovebite on his neck following trips to a string of nightclubs in Moscow.

Ford enjoyed the company of several women as he painted the town red with the co-star of his new film K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, LIAM NEESON.

The actor was in Russia to research the film just one month after splitting from his wife of 17 years, screen writer MELISSA MATHISON (23NOV00).

At one club, according to Moscow's MOSKOVSKY KOMSOMOLETS newspaper, Ford, "left the table and started dancing. A couple of long-legged blonde girls immediately joined him. "Then after a lively dancing session, the newly formed Russian American company left for the hotel." The following night the paper claimed at the Metelitsa club, "on the neck of 58-year-old Harrison, there was a strange mark. We can suppose it looked like a love bite."


Source: WENN



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