Date: 17th December 2000

Sean Connery's Naked Advice

WESLEY SNIPES is set to take up filming half naked - in the manner of Scottish heartthrob SEAN CONNERY.

Snipes, who starred with the suave JAMES BOND star in RISING SUN, says Connery's top tip for staying cool in scenes where you're only shot from the waist up, is to remove you trousers. Snipes says, "When you're doing scenes in a car, you can actually do the scene with your pants off, just in your shorts or your underwear. "Because the camera usually never sees below the steering wheel, and you're usually dressed to a tee.
The car is usually hot. This way you can be cool but have a tux up on top."

Snipes adds the advice was a revelation in the way he sees Connery's films. He says, "
Chances are if you ever see Sean in a long scenewhere he's sitting at a table to sitting in a car, he's probably in his underwear." (LE/LADN/CPT)

Source: WENN