Date: 18th December 2000

Carrey's Insane Goal

Funny man JIM CARREY has come forward to reveal his agonising years of mental health problems.

HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS star Carrey, 38, has been making the world laugh, while at the same time suffering from severe mood swings, obsessive behaviour, and lengthy bouts of depression. His compulsions and sleepless nights have driven him to counselling and drug therapy in the form of Prozac.

The MASK star says, "I've dealt with depression and a lot of different things in my life. And then there's obsession, which is my biggest problem in life - compulsive thinking." Carrey's ex-girlfriend, actress RENEE ZELLWEGER, played a big part in his recovery, as does his trademark sense of humour. He adds, "For a comedian, insanity is not a problem- it's a goal. I'll go off the deep end and be brilliant!" (YA/NE/PDD)

Source: WENN



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