Date: 20th December 2000

Hannibal's Secret

The top-secret ending of the upcoming HANNIBAL film will be a big surprise - even for those who have read the novel. For the hotly anticipated sequel to THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, GLADIATOR director RIDLEY SCOTT has scrapped author THOMAS HARRIS' controversial conclusion.

The book has serial-killer HANNIBAL LECTER - played by ANTHONY HOPKINS - drugging JULIANNE MOORE's FBI agent character CLARICE STARLING, originally played by JODIE FOSTER, so he can finally consummate his feelings for her - but Scott says the movie ends differently.

He explains, "I think it's a great book, but I told Tom Harris, I just don't buy these two going off together, even with Clarice under the influence. "He said, 'Fine, see what you come up with.' Tom was very happy with STEVE ZAILLIAN's screenplay, in which Hannibal and Clarice's affair of the heart is much more metaphorical."


Source: WENN



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