Date: 5th September 2000

Ritchie Tries To Hide From Cameras

GUY RITCHIE is finding it impossible to come to terms with the papparrazi who follow him everywhere since he began dating MADONNA - and is constantly amazed at the places photographers pop up.

The SNATCH director admits he underestimated just how dedicated the media would be to following the couple's every move and is resigned to the fact it doesn't matter where they go - the click of a camera will always follow.

Guy says, "It's unbelievable, you go anywhere in the world and a camera will appear out of a bowl of rice. I didn't believe it until I saw it."

He was amazed when he saw pictures of himself, Madonna and her daughter LOURDES when they went on a cruise around Europe this summer (00) in tabloid newspapers.

Guy adds, "You really don't think you're being photographed and what do you know - you look down the toilet and there's a man in a wetsuit with a camera pointing at you."


Source: WENN



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