Date: 28th December 2000

Will Goss Die As A Villainous Vampire?

Scriptwriters are refusing to tell former BROS star LUKE GOSS if they're going to kill him off in WESLEY SNIPES' BLADE sequel.

The actor plays chief villain vamp NOMACK in BLADE 2, which starts filming in Prague, Czech Republic next year (01), and he has agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal anything about the plot. And, to make absolutely sure cast members don't blurt out the surprise planned ending, producers are refusing to give them details of what will happen. The role has forced Goss to pull out of plans to appear in another sequel, THE MATRIX 2, because it's being shot at the same time as Blade 2.

Spokesman DAVID WOOD says, "The Matrix people have taken their time in coming back, and now there's no way Luke can fit both films into his schedule. We're not ruling out a part in The Matrix 3, however."

Meanwhile, Goss teams up with Snipes on 9 January (01) when they start filming ZIG ZAG in Hollywood. Again the former pop star plays a bad guy, this time a corrupt nightclub boss, in the hard-hitting drama. Wood adds, "Forget Luke as the good looking, good bloke - he's playing a real b*****d in Zig Zag."


Source: WENN