Date: 30th December 2000

Blanchett's Freaky Psychic Session

CATE BLANCHETT had a strange experience with a psychic while she was researching her role as a medium in new psychological thriller THE GIFT.

The Australian actress tried to tape record a session she had with the medium in Georgia and remains baffled as to why her equipment failed to work. She says, "She had me turn off the lights and she lit a candle because she said electricity interfered with her energy force. Of course, I couldn't get the tape recorder to work.

I passed it off on the fact that I brought it over with me from overseas and perhaps the connections came loose. I tried it in every outlet in the house. "The minute she left after the reading, I turned the lights on, and the tape recorder began working. Maybe I have some energy force that prevents recorders from capturing my spirit."


Source: WENN