Date: 23rd December 2000

Madonna Vows Revenge

Stunning pop star MADONNA had an amazing bust-up with Hollywood star JOHN TRAVOLTA after he refused to let VINNIE JONES go to her wedding yesterday (22DEC00).

Groom GUY RITCHIE had wanted close pal Vinnie to be his best man during the ceremony at Skibo Castle. The former soccer hardman is filming SWORDFISH in America. But director Travolta told him, "You can't go. We've got a movie to make."

Frantic Guy had to find a new best man at the 11th hour, so Vinnie sent a video of himself toasting the happy couple, which was played on a giant monitor during the service.

But Madonna was furious when devastated Vinnie rang just 48 hours before the big day, saying he'd been banned from attending the biggest showbiz wedding of the year.

Madonna, 42, told a pal, "John Travolta's ruined my wedding. And I'll never forgive him. But I'll get him back. And I hope he remembers these three words - payback's a b*tch!"

Vinnie struck up a close relationship with film director Guy, 32, as he starred in his blockbuster LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS. Vinnie, 35, told pals, "I'll never forgive Travolta. Guy's my best friend and this is the biggest day in his life. He wants me there and I want to be there. But John Travolta is playing God with my life."

Both Madonna and Guy tried to ring Travolta. A friend says, "Madonna tried to get John on the phone. But he refused to take her call. Then Guy tried to call but he too couldn't get through."


Source: WENN



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