Date: 3rd January 2001

Daryl Hannah: No Nude Scenes Meant No Career

Despite stripping off in her new movie DARYL HANNAH thinks her Hollywood career went downhill when she refused to get naked.

The SPLASH star says all the movie roles she was offered after her intial success involved gratitious nudity and sex scenes - and she was determined to keep her dignity, even if it meant her career suffered.

She says, "I got offered so many dingy, nasty roles almost all of which involved getting my kit off and bouncing around in bedrooms. "I just didn't want to go near that kind of stuff. There were people around who were saying 'You need a change of image, go for it.' But I didn't want to sell out. "Some of them were really great roles but they were still dressed up to appear genuine and serious when they were just gratuitous. "But I don't regret that even if I don't get offered too many great parts anymore - I would still sooner be happy."

But she says of her new film, the sexy behind-the-scenes strip club saga DANCING AT THE BLUE IGUANA, in which she dances around clad only in a G string, "
Yes, I wear my G string with pride. But, before anyone gets the wrong idea, the G string stays on!"


Source: WENN