Date: 4th January 2001

Hopkins To Return As Hannibal - Again

Even though his latest film is not yet released, plans for legendary horror character HANNIBAL LECTER's return to screen are already in place.

Screenwriter TED TALLY, who won an Oscar for THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, is now working on the screenplay for RED DRAGON, the Thomas Harris book which first introduced Hannibal Lecter to the world.

Tally, who passed on writing the screenplay for the soon-to-be- released sequel HANNIBAL because he found the book's violence excessive, is altering the plot of Red Dragon to feature more of Hannibal Lecter because, he says, ANTHONY HOPKINS is willing to return yet again in the role.

The writer says his interpretation of RED DRAGON will feature Lecter, a cannabilist serial killer, running loose after an escape from prison, but he will, "never show Lecter eating people. It's just too gross. I just imply it." (CPT/WNWCTO/RP)

Source: WENN