Date: 5th January 2001

Helen Hunt's Secret Lie

American tabloids claim HELEN HUNT is leading a double life - and prefers women than men.

According to STAR MAGAZINE Hunt has given up on men since she split from her hubby HANK AZARIA. And Hunt has been spending all her time with her longterm friend and confident MANDY.

A source says, "Mandy and Helen have been spending all their time together. The only time Helen looks happy these days is when she and Mandy are together. Helen's heart has been broken by men." About one rendezvous at a cafe in Santa Monica, California, an eyewitness said, "They were kissing and hugging up a storm. To any passerby they looked like more than best friends."

A source says, "If it wasn't common knowledge that both women have been involved in lengthy heterosexual relationships, one might think they were lovers from the way they act and carry on when they are together."(MB/TS/CPT)

Source: WENN