Date: 6th January 2001

Kirk Douglas Fears For Michael's Marriage

Veteran actor KIRK DOUGLAS fears the strains of show business will doom his son MICHAEL's high profile marriage to CATHERINE ZETA JONES.

The BASIC INSTINCT star, who has a baby son DYLAN with the stunning Welsh actress, who is over 20 years his junior, has just celebrated his first Christmas with his new wife. But his father, who, like Michael is on his second marriage, fears the couple's jet set star lifestyle could put an intolerable strain on their marriage.

Kirk says, "Michael and Catherine have a lot to overcome. "They're both stars working in different places and that creates a lot of obstacles - your love has to be strong enough to endure." And friends say Kirk has told them he fears the fiery romance will burn out, leaving his son brokenhearted. A family friend says, "Kirk told pals the relationship is too hot not to cool down. "He keeps urging at Michael and Catherine's fiery romance will burn out, leaving his son brokenhearted." (LE/TG/CPT)

Source: WENN



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