Date: 9th January 2001

Meg Ryan And Russell Crowe Doomed?

One of Hollywood's biggest insiders is insisting the MEG RYAN/RUSSELL CROWE love affair will soon be over.

World famous gossip columnist LIZ SMITH is staking her reputation on her belief that the star couple are heading for a massive blow-out.

Smith says, "I certainly wouldn't put my money on their long term relationship. "They remind me of LIZ TAYLOR and RICHARD BURTON, a very explosive way to come together."

And Smith admits she's also concerned over MELANIE GRIFFITH's devotion to ANTONIO BANDERAS. She adds, "
She's so much in love it worries me. I want him to come out to say how much he loves her and then I'll feel calmer." (MB/WN/CPT)

Source: WENN



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