Date: 10th January 2001

Aussie Actor Pearce Turns Back On Hollywood

After making a sensational debut as the good cop in L.A. Confidential three years ago then moving on to films that did little to further his reputation (Ravenous, Rules of Engagement), Guy Pearce has "returned to his roots" in Australia, the British entertainment site Ananova reported today (Wednesday). Pearce reportedly has agreed to appear in a low-budget Australian comedy, Blood and Guts, helmed by a first-time director. A friend told Ananova: "Whatever Guy is he is very much an Australian and he loves being at home just outside Sydney with his family living in seclusion. He really has no interest in stars or the star system. Come to that, he doesn't have much interest in money either. They were willing to throw buckets of the stuff at him to stay on in Los Angeles and pick up more offers but he just jumped on a plane and politely said 'no way'" Pearce has completed work on Disney's big-budget The Count of Monte Cristo due to be released this year.

Source: Studio Briefing



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