Date: 12th January 2001

Vinnie's Wife Bans Strippers

SNATCH star VINNIE JONES's wife, TANYA, threatened to scrap his exclusive Hollywood birthday party after finding out that strippers had been booked. Hot movie director GUY RITCHIE had lined up six naked beauties to entertain the former QUEENS PARK RANGERS and WIMBLEDON footballer, but just before the party Ritchie's wife, pop queen MADONNA, let Tanya, 35, in on the secret.

Furious Tanya who survived a heart transplant quickly made sure that the star-studded bash at Hollywood's SUNSET ROOMS nightclub - for Vinnie's 36th birthday - went ahead without the saucy sideshow. Not all the guests were impressed by Mrs Jones's prudish reaction. Recently-wed Madonna later fumed, "It wasn't like we planned a sex show. I wish Tanya would lighten up." (TM/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN



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